Best Diptyque candles

When I started my first real grown-up job, I was excited to finally be able to invest in house things that weren’t all coming from a family-friendly Swedish shop.

Diptyque candles were of course high on my list. A staple in any tasteful French interior, I had to have one! Of course, I soon realised that there were bills to pay and my retirement to start saving for (fun!). So the idea of spending what could buy me lunch for a week on a candle felt slightly irresponsible. What if I didn’t like the smell? Too strong, too sweet, too… weird? I really didn’t want to end up with an expensive and very dusty piece of wax sitting on my coffee table…

But we only live once so I bought my first Diptyque candle anyway! It was such a special moment and the beginning of an expensive addiction! I was a young professional woman, buying my little piece of melting French luxury for my tiny London flat.

Do Diptyque candles really worth the hype though? I personally think they do. The Diptyque candles last FOREVER, so it offers decent value for money. The small ones last approximately 20 hours and the big ones 60 hours, which means 12 Sunday’s afternoons of fancy scent. They are also beautiful to look at and would complement any interior. Finally, they make for great pen or brush holders or even planters after use!

What about the scents? What should you order?

I haven’t tried all their candles but I listed below my favourites so if you ever decide to invest you know what to get!

For a refreshing and delicate atmosphere – Figuier

The perfect Diptyque ‘starter’ candle. Inspired by the smell of fig leaves, it is subtle and fresh. This is the perfect everyday candle that will make your place smell like you are living in the countryside even if you are in the centre of London.

Diptyque candle Figuier

For a cosy winter – Feu de bois

Feu de Bois or ‘Wood fire’ is a classic for winter. You don’t have a fire-place? This candle will make you feel like you have one! I have one burning in my living-room every weekend from the 1st of October to the 31st of March.

Diptyque candle Feu de bois

For a Chrismassy feel –  Opopanax

This is my favourite Diptyque candle to burn around the end of the year. It gives a warm comforting feeling to the room. It is supposed to smells of balsam but I would describe the scent as a combination of myrrh, amber and a little something sweet.

Diptyque candle Opopanax

For a fresh and clean feel – Verveine

Verveine is the perfect scented candle to make your house smells like it has just been cleaned minus the ‘public toilet’ scent. Not artificial citrus scent here! Just a subtle lingering fresh and herbal scent with a hint of lemonade.

Diptyque candle Verveine

For a fruity scent – Baie

Another great Diptyque ‘starter’ candle. As its name indicates, I thought it would only smells like blackcurrant and raspberry and therefore never bought it as it is not my kind of scent. That was until one of my best friends got it for me and it was a revelation! Yes it does smell of blackcurrants, but behind hide sophisticated hints of ambergris and roses. Definitely a feminine candle.

Diptyque candle Baies

For a little flowery vibe – Freesia

This is my go-to house warming gift! I am not a big fan of very sweet or flowery smells but Freesia has the perfect balance between both. It is perfectly understated, and behind what at first seems to be only flowers you will discover layers of pepper and bergamot! The perfect summer candle!

Diptyque candle Freesia

Now, I just hope you guys won’t develop my level of addiction!

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