5 great housewarming gift ideas

A lot of our friends are moving at the moment which means that we have had a fair amount of housewarming gifts to purchase. You know me I love to contribute to any interior decor so I have selected 5 gift ideas to impress any host while helping them decorate their new home. Lucky me,I have received or bought for my own house all the gifts I mention below, after all sometimes you need to ‘treat yo self‘!

A nice candle


By nice what I really mean is to get a well-known brand candle, these always impress! I have a preference for Diptyque because well… French! But anything by Jo Malone or The White Company is also great. Now you may be thinking “But Claire, these are EXPENSIVE!”, I would answer that it can be as expensive as you want it to be. This little Diptyque Figuier candle on the picture is £26 which is pretty reasonable. The Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle retails for £45 and the big Diptyque Baie costs £62. If you are not sure which scent to pick I have done a Diptyque guide which you may find helpful when shopping for someone else (or yourself!).

A plant in a decorative planter


Houseplants are very popular at the moment. They bring nature into the most urban home and help to purify the air while making a place look pretty. They are also a very affordable gift to give. I love to offer succulent plants because they are low maintenance and hard to kill. When I do so, I make sure to also get a nice decorative planter, like these Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas ones on the picture, so the host doesn’t have to worry about getting soil and planting it. The two planters I have are old but I found some similar-ish ones here, here and here.



No one likes wine stains on their furniture. The stubborn circle marks have a tendency to especially appear on hosting nights such as housewarming parties. So how about getting your hosts a gift they can start using straight away? I am not a coasters fan, I often find them cheap-looking and tacky but these West Elm marble ones are the dream for interior aficionados like myself. They look so good! Made.com also have a version of these which is a bit cheaper.

A Bialetti coffee maker


A great gift for any coffee lover which will also serve as a nice vintage-looking decorative item in any kitchen (see it as the affordable version of the KitchenAid mixer). Mine looks battered because I have been using it a lot since my university days. If you are getting it for someone living alone get the 2-cups one, if you are offering it to a couple or flatmates the 6-cups version should come in handy.

Designer tins or boxes


This is a great way to invest in an affordable ‘designer’ gift as tins and boxes are made by most famous interior brands and usually don’t cost a fortune. They are a great way to inject some edge into an interior and will impress anyone who knows a bit about interior design. We actually received these Orla Kiely tins as a housewarming gift and I have been using them ever since! They are left on display in our kitchen and are home to Buffer’s food, oats and tea bags. Another storage box I love for any pet lover is this cat (they also have a dog one) glass jar by Alessi, we got one ourselves!

This housewarming gift guide should help you impress any hostess with the mostest!

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