Lina Store – London

Lina Store has been on my list since it opened in May. Centrally located in Soho, authentic Italian food and affordable prices, expectations were high and I was excited to try it. Using the excuse of a girls dinner, four of us headed there on a Tuesday evening.

Lina Store restaurant London

Lina Store doesn’t take bookings between 6pm and 9:30pm, so similar to Padella you will have to queue and hope it doesn’t take too long. In our case, we were on the list just after 6pm and seated just after 7pm. Just enough time to share a bottle of rosé in a close-by bar (more on that soon).

Lina Store restaurant London

Lina Store Restaurant is very pretty. Everything is white, mint and black giving the place the vintage atmosphere of a Fifties dinner. We got a table downstairs which is a bit dark (hence the grainy pictures) but still charming and perfect for a first date.

Lina Store restaurant LondonLina Store restaurant London

Lina Store Restaurant on Greek Street is an extension of the original deli on Brewer Street which opened in 1944. These guys have been around for a long time, to say the least. The menu consists of classic homemade pasta and tasty antipasti. Nothing too fancy and this is what I liked the most about it!

Lina Store restaurant London

We decided to share some antipasti and opted for the Polpette di Melanzane which were delicious little aubergine croquettes. Really good but there are only two per serving which isn’t the most generous portion.

Luckily we also ordered the gorgonzola with the pear and mustard chutney, again very tasty and quite filling! The gorgonzola is on the stronger side so it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Gorgonzola pear and mustard chutney Lina Store

Finally, we shared the spicy Calabrian ‘Nduja and buffalo ricotta, and when they say it is ‘spicy’ they are not joking! I teared up a bit and even though the flavours were nice I had to let my friends finish my share.

‘Nduja and buffalo ricotta Lina Store

For mains, we all opted for the Pici alla Norcina which were very flavoursome sausage and mushroom pasta.

Pici alla Norcina Lina Store

Hemma and Camille also shared the burrata Schiaffoni, with tomatoes, pine nuts and basil. The waiter insisted on all us trying it, so Jenny and I dug in as well and I have to say it was delicious! The last time I got this excited about tomatoes was at Banca de Pau in Lisbon.

Burrata Schiaffoni tomatoes pine nuts and basil Lina Store

The portions overall weren’t huge but because most of what we ate was carbs we had no appetite for dessert anymore. I guess I will just have to go back… It is a hard life but someone got to do it, right?

Grazie card Lina Store London
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