NYC favourite rooftop

When in New York, you have to go to a rooftop! It is the best way to enjoy the views while sipping on a Cosmo. My personal favourite rooftop in NYC is 230 Fifth.

Getting there can be slightly confusing as you are queuing to enter what seems to be a regular apartment building. Just follow the queue to the elevator, you won’t regret it!

It will worth the wait as once at the top you will be rewarded with the best view of the Empire State Building. Oh, and decent cocktails!

230 fifth new york rooftop

The place is very big so if you arrive early you can have good chances to grab a table. It does get really busy around the end of business day (5pm) so if you can, head there before.

This is where we met my sister on our last trip to New York, she was working there, we fancied a drink so meeting at 230 Fifth seemed like the best thing to do on a Friday evening!

230 fifth new york rooftop

We chatted away, drank a fair amount of cosmopolitans (when in New York…) and enjoyed a lovely night out in the Big Apple at one of our favourite rooftop bars.

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